About Wavecaster

Wavecaster is the website of Chuck Wilson. After years of composing, playing and recording music, and teaching about the transformative effects of sound, Chuck created this site to share an integrated view of his activities with music, sound and guitars.

Wavecaster provides  products, services, downloads and information about the therapeutic uses of sound, music and vibration. Understanding how music can make a difference in our lives : from relaxation to deep listening to energizing to revitalizing our moods. (more…)

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Wavecaster will soon be bringing you music downloads to enjoy,enhance and facilitate relaxation and sleep, and assist in alert and aware states .

Right now we are putting the finishing touches on things.

Also, some of the most recent guitars Chuck has been working on will be showcased with soundclips.

If you are interested in being notified please send an email in the contact page.

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Complete Production Services from Concept to Final Product …….

This includes creating and developing the audio product, video or completed package from recording,  video,  editing/mixing, composing music and sound effects to DVD/ CD  authoring and consulting.

Specializing in  Personal Growth  and the Therapeutic uses of Sound and Music, Chuck creates many private label products including music, video, binaural beats, enhanced recording and voiceovers. All projects are tailored to your specific needs and your market.

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