Chuck Wilson, musician

Chuck Wilson, Wavecaster

Wavecaster is the website for Chuck Wilson — musician, composer, producer, guitar player, guitar maker and more. Sometimes I feel like I’m at least twelve different people I do so many different things. That’s why I put everything here under the umbrella name Wavecaster. It’s a play on the idea […]

Storm's a Brewin' Album

New Release! Storm’s a Brewin’

I’m so excited that Storm’s a Brewin’, the blues album Geoff Meyer and I did just released. Wilson Meyer has been a great team. Geoff sings and wrote the lyrics and I did the compositions, guitar and recording. The tunes are all original and I really like this album. Right […]

Chuck Wilson is on Spotify

Check Me Out on Spotify

Things are moving along fast now. All Peace is up on Spotify. Cool. It looks like you can download all the tunes there. Let me know if you have any problems. Marguerite and I are working on getting all of my music up on all the streaming sites. It’s complicated […]