Wavecaster is the website for me, Chuck Wilson. After years of composing, playing and recording music, and teaching about the transformative effects of sound, I created this site to share an integrated view of my activities with music, sound and guitars.

Sometimes I feel like at least twelve people because I do so many different things. Here’s my bio, which is kinda long, but somehow still only tells a little bit.

Bio – Chuck Wilson

From jazz, blues and world music to his work with sound and consciousness, Chuck Wilson is a musician, composer, recording artist, sound engineer and producer of exceptional talent and diversity.

Chuck Wilson was of the founders of today’s sound and healing movement. He is still very involved in sound and consciousness; using his deep understanding of the science of sound and how it effects the body and mind to create highly effective meditation and binaural beat relaxation products. Chuck’s binaural releases for sleep and stress reduction include Sleep Waves, Theta for the Future and Quick Nap.

Chuck Wilson is a rare talent–a master musician and composer who also has a profound understanding of the spiritual and healing properties of sound. His work is
extraordinary and highly recommended.

Jonathan Goldman, best selling author and teacher in the fields of Harmonics and Sound Healing.
Chuck Wilson

Chuck also composes, plays and produces beautiful, multilayered music to relax and meditate to. His is albums All Peace and Shakuhachi Soundscapes have been well received and are played in spas, healing centers and nursing homes. Four songs by Chuck Wilson are featured on the album Desert Bloom as well.

Both Cd’s (All Peace / Desert Bloom) provide my unit in the nursing home a calm and relaxed environment for both my residents and the staff. When All Peace is played there is a feeling of being free. … One family member stated “you feel like your outside with nature not in a nursling home setting. This is so relaxing I could stay here all day.

Thanks again for these great CD’s your music makes a difference.

Debbie Cherski, Hampshire Care

About the Binaural Beats and Meditation Music:

A former Gateway Outreach trainer for the Monroe Institute, Chuck opened avenues of music and consciousness with his groundbreaking Harmonic Om and The Brain Training series. His relaxation and meditation music has been published by Tools for Exploration, Nightingale Conant, and Readers Digest. Chuck’s work with technologies that promote states of deep relaxation by sending sound vibration directly through the body is also featured in the classic book MegaBrain Tools by Michael Hutchinson who was a close friend and collaborator.

Perhaps the most articulate practitioner and explorer of the therapeutic benefits of whole-body sound is Chuck Wilson. A best-selling musician and composer, he is also the co-creator of Discovery Sound Systems, of which one model is the Aqua Bed I have used for years. As a result of his unique talents and years of research, Wilson is an authority on the effects of sound from the psychological and psychobiological points of view, as well as from the acoustic technology point of view.

Michael Hutchison, consciousness pioneer and best selling author of Floating, MegaBrain Power, and The Anatomy of Sex and Power

Still a Jazz, Blues and World Music Guy

Jazz, world music, and all kinds of music fusion continue to engage this multifaceted musician, composer and really, Renaissance man. Chuck’s album Storm’s a Brewin’ (Wilson/Myer), a dive into blues and Americana released 1/2020 and Sounds Like Wilson is soon to be available as is Chuck’s album of new jazz standards.

Never Lovers, Ever Friends [Storm’s a Brewin’]. Love the song, love the recording. You’ve got some serious talent, my friend.

Baron Wolman, rock photographer for Rolling Stone

A graduate of the School of Contemporary Music, Chuck has had a long career as a guitar player. (For those in the know, Chuck was a member of the well-remembered Boston band, Griswald; as well as many others on the coasts and in the Southwest.) He is an exceptional player, surprising everyone with his technique and ability to play any style.

In The Studio and Making Guitars

When Chuck is not composing, playing music or pursuing his passion for guitars, he is often in his Colorado studio mastering and producing for other artists. Recent projects include Radiance Matrix with Deva Premal, guided imagery for Amber Wolf and the Lemurian Sisterhood, and several soundtracks for indie films and animation. Oh, and Chuck has built 26 electric guitars (Wilsonwavecasters) which you can see on his website, wavecaster.com.