Wilson Meyer – Making the Blues Album Storm’s a Brewin’

On a cold, fall day in Colorado a chance meeting at an RV sales lot got the songwriting duo Wilson/Meyer together. No RVs were bought, but Chuck Wilson and Geoff Myer quickly discovered they were musicians with a mutual love of the blues. Both men spent many years as professional musicians with careers that dipped deep in the blues and spanned the country. Within a week, Geoff visited Chuck at his Wavecaster Studio and their collaboration on original blues tunes began.

“Never Lovers Ever Friends” was the first song Wilson/Meyer wrote. The enthusiastic response from musicians all over the country let the guys know they were on the right track. From there, and a few years down the line, Wilson/Meyer had enough songs for their debut EP, “Storm’s a Brewin’”. The tracks are true classic blues with a contemporary edge. They feature Geoff’s distinctive blues-man voice and lyrics paired with the amazing guitar and compositions of Chuck Wilson.

Storm's a Brewin' Album

About Wilson Meyer

Geoff Meyer was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and honed his chops at the famous Blue Note Club. Geoff performed professionally for many years. He toured nationwide and has opened for more than 200 rock and blues bands. He has appeared onstage with Albert King, Delbert McClinton, Chuck Berry, Joe Cocker and others. Geoff writes lyrics that strike right to the heart of the blues.

Chuck Wilson started his musical career in Massachusetts, playing guitar in New England bands including the still well-remembered Griswald. Chuck went on to perform and do studio work on both coasts and in the Southwest. He is a prolific composer working in genres from jazz and blues to binaural beat, meditation, world fusion and beyond. He has 4 albums of his own music, and has mastered and/or produced for a wide range of artists, from Grammy nominees to popular world lecturers.