Sounds Like Wilson is a compilation of my original music that features some of my great musician friends in various styles, while still sounding “like Wilson”.

As a young boy, I floated away in realms of fancy, exploration and emotion while listening to music. As an adult, I taught about the therapeutic uses of sound and developed programs using sound for relaxation and expanded states of consciousness (my bio here). It seems I always come back to making music that can lead us to states of awareness that deepen inner peace and assist in relaxing into a sense of peace and calm.

Featuring: Richard Hardy, Terry Garthwaite, Karl Moeller,
Alan Shockley, Ricardo Silva, Christian Heilman and Chuck Wilson

Notes on music from Sounds Like Wilson:

  • Kenas…This cut is an adapted traditional Peruvian song with the kena (flute) and Zampona ( panpipe) player Ricardo Silva. It was produced by myself and Karl Moeller, who plays all the keyboards with me on guitars.
  • Resonature…I wrote this “new age” resonator guitar tune that really needed a beautiful piano and Karl Moeller was the perfect addition.
  • Mantook…. This tune was written after a rebirthing breathwork session I had when I seemed to go back in time to become both a prehistoric hunter and the hunted in an epic tale about evolving drama of life. I play all the instruments.

The Crossing…This song is my thought on what could have happened if Jerry Garcia had met a few Celtic elven folk dancing around a sacred oak tree. Richard Hardy added great horn parts to a rather raw acoustic track while I added guitars and bass and Christian Heilman added drums. I took some Digital Audio Workstation liberties to add Richard’s horn harmonies.

Lama, The Porch… I have been inspired by Jerry Douglas’ resonator guitar playing for over 15 years and after recently been laid up with an injury for awhile decided to make the best of it and learn the resonator guitar .

Burning the Candle… I was blessed with meeting a reknowned singer/ songwriter/shamama ten years ago who vocalizes like no other. The incomparable Terry Garthwaite added her vocal talents to another raw improvised guitar track. Later, I added several parts while, Richard Hardy adds some nice flute touches.

Delight …This is a soft, floaty tune that I was playing on acoustic when horn player Richard Hardy, formerly of the Dave Matthews Band, came over and laid a few soprano overdubs on top of the acoustic guitar. I then added bass, additional guitar parts, a little mixing and Viola!

Chain Saw Samba… While playing in Griswald, one of my early favorite bands I wrote this tune in order to have a tune on our set list. It’s a little soft, cool, smooth jazz thing. Again, Richardy Hardy,Soprano Sax with Chuck Wilson on Guitars, Bass, Synth. It has no percussion in order to concentrate on the Guitar -Horn relationship.

DidjerWho…Here is a little world flavour. Alan Shockley, a talented artist and Didj maker, supplied the didjeridoo playing with Chuck Wilson on all the other stuff. Take a ride on the soundwave.

Shake Me… A little late night cruising song on a long empty road.That’s what this reminds me of.

The Jig… This is a jig I wrote in dropped D and had the good fortune that Richard Hardy brought his pennywhistles along that day!

Silent Times… This was the first tune I wrote when I got my new guitar synth. I wanted to play all the parts! So I did.

Dead Aire… A good friend suggested I audition for a band with one of the Grateful Dead members. This was one of the Deadish ditties I did on the audition — I didn’t get the gig, but I like the tune.

Thanks for taking a tour of some of my musical world. I am truly appreciative for your listening.

I would like to give my thanks to my very special partner in life Marguerite; for her love, support, and relentless persistence at reminding me that making Music is truly is important. And all my community of friends for their love and support.