About Wavecaster

Wavecaster is the website of Chuck Wilson and created to integrate his present activities in music, sound and guitars. Wavecaster provides  products, services, downloads and information about the therapeutic uses of sound, music and vibration. Understanding how music can make a difference in our lives : from relaxation to deep listening to energizing to revitalizing our moods, it is all possible.

After years of composing, playing and recording music and of teaching about the transformative effects of sound, Chuck  decided that it was about time to incorporate it all under one website.

Sound acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious and can allow us to calm the waters of a busy mind and see down deeply into our inner nature. A tool to connect us more deeply with ourselves and our best most relaxed state of being.Within the last few years research of acoustics and physics has discovered what ancient cultures have known all along; that sound does indeed act as a bridge to different states of consciousness. At one level we humans are merely a bunch of atoms vibrating rather quickly. We are each unique in our own vibration of frequency or individual song of our self. What is it that draws us to music and sound?

 How does Music soothe the savage beast?

Why do so many of us have a favorite song that triggers memories of days gone by … to a blissful time or a difficult time triggered by the song ?  

Why do we use certain types of music to evoke certain states of being… a  march for going to battle or  a lively rock tune for a party and a slow dance beat for caressing your sweetie?  

Music does indeed have a powerful effect on the human body, mind and spirit!

Come and explore the world of Sound, Music and Vibration.